Knight and Day!!

25 Jun

Yesterday my bro, my sis, and I watched this movie @ cito. My sis and I went there first, then my bro caught up after he finished his work. That’s my first time going there. So lame, eh? Actually, we wanted to watch The A-Team at 7 pm. but the cashier said that it was already sold out – i bought The A-Team dvd instead 😛 – so we decided to watch Knight and Day at 8.40 pm.

The film was really awesome for me, especially Tom Cruise. It is an action comedy movie about a girl named June Havens (Cameron Diaz) who met a secret agent, Roy Miller (Tom Cruise). i thought it seems like James Bond and so ever.

Tom’s so hawwwt and gorgeous!! Awww love him so damn much!! I love the way he smile, since he’s being funny all the way. The story is unpredictable. I couldn’t guess who are right and wrong at first. Although it has so much bullets and fighting action, I still hahahehe as I watched it. Cruise really made it well. Two thumbs for this movie. You really should watch it, dude!


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