2011 Goals~

13 Jan

It’s the 13th day for this year..

Today wasn’t really good. My civic exam was totally a mess! Actually the questions aren’t that difficult, it’s just too many questions and the time wasn’t enough. So I did it like a rush. The open book rule was a waste, and the worse is I dropped my books for about 5 times because of that stupid narrow desk. Uuuugh. Dean, we really need the bigger one!!

However, I still feel grateful since it remained 2 more exams. The social culture and the philosphy. Yaaay!! 😀 After that I really hope I’ll be free with no remedial test. God, please grant my wish. Ameeen.

For this year I decide to be a better girl. I’ll do my tasks, study properly. I’ll try to be honest and do not cheat. I’ll make my family proud of me. I’ll be more active in campus and church. Nyahaha. It easier said than done.

But above all, I’m gonna have a lot of fun this year!! With a lot vacation, holiday, and whastsoever. On this 22nd, Trawas will be waiting for me :D. Then on the next week, I’ll go to Canta Yumana. Yipppieee!! All of them are fellowship event. *yg tgl 28 SHDR loh :8*

And finally, the biggest wish for this year is:  bisa ikut peneguhan HSM taun ini >.< Yeeeaaah, I started join HSM last October, so can I make it?? Please, please, please… Peneguhan ini biasae diadain bulan2 Desember gitu yaaa. Waktu ulang taun e HSM gitu. God, I really need Your help through this year. 😀 Speak of which, I didn’t even mention it in my Plan of Life. Hahahaha. If I’m not wrong, I made it last November, right? Maybe I’ll add my Plan of Life then. 😀


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