Time Traveller~

15 Jan

What will I do if I have a time machine? Hmmm.. Let’s see..

Maybe I’ll go to the future and see what will my life become..

I want to know who my soulmate is, how many children I have, whether my life will be happy or sad, and much more.

As I imagine, if I know who’s the one that will be my boo, I won’t make him wait for so long.

I’ll tell him how I feel *blush* hohoho

Then we’ll get married and live happily ever after.. 😀

Life’s gonna be so much easier right?

But, I wonder.. Will it ever succeed?

For your information, I just watched a film that has a quote in it..

“Knowing the future will make you crazy” – The Time Traveller’s Wife

Ha! So, what do you think about that?



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