Missed A Day :p HBD Lucky!!

21 Jan

Naaaah, I miss my postaday yesterday!! Sorry peeps :p

Yesterday was very hectic, you know..

I woke up at 6 am then took a bath, and off to Senny’s home. Yesterday was 19th of January, it means one of my friends, Lucky Arnando, was fulfilling a year. We decided to make a surprise for him. My frineds and I tried to make a plan since a week ago. At first, we’re gonna go to his house and make a mess there. But we realized that on D-Day, he’ll be doing exercise at Atlas. Finally we decided to torture him there *sorry :p*

After everyone arrived at Senny’s house, we went to Atlas back then. Suddenly, the worst part happened!! While we’re searching for a parking lot, unluckily Lucky appeared in front of us!! Apparently he’s just standing there, smiling at us innocently. Arrrrgh!! We went mad immediately, acted as if we don’t know him awkwardly. Senny even almost hit him by her car. Lol xD I wonder why he has to be so lucky!!

After that shocking accident, we decided to take him over and blast him at Senny’s house. And the thing has happened…….


Me with the bday boy~ the cake looks yummy!! :9

After that Then we let him taking a bath. We gave him his real birthday cake and we’re off to GM. 😀 Ate Bentoya there, then cao to campus to do our choir exercise.

Trus pulang kampus langsung nge sel, sampe maleeeem, trus uda ngantuk, trus tidur, trus akhirnya beneran kelewatan postaday yg kemaren. Kalo dipikir2 agak males juga lama2 ama topik postaday nya ini. Mboseni gitu lho. Sengaja ini nulis pake Indo. Hehehehe.

And it’s 11.58 pm right now. I think I’m gonna miss today’s postaday too :p


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