“Unstoppable” Fellowship :D

23 Jan

Hey peeps!! I’m back after had been away for two days 😀 and passed my postaday :p

Yesterday, HSM B and C held a two-days-and-one-night fellowship at Duta Kasih, Trawas. I went there with Ko Aan, Ko Darwin, Ce There and Ko Martin. The travel took for about 3,5 hours!! There’re traffic jam at Porong, so we decided to choose the Mojosari path. The road was fogging that we couldn’t see anything around us. But we arrived at Duta Kasih faster.

After that, we went into our room. Each room can accomodate 15 persons. It was unique 😀 Then we started our fellowship with a Eucharist Mass. Not long after, we had dinner, then opening session by Ce Anita. The theme of this Fellowship is “Unstoppable”. It means as Jesus’ army, we must be unstoppable by whatever obstacle ahead. Before the session, we had to introduce each of our sel by making slogans and so ever. LOL. Everyone was so damn funny!!

Afterwards, we were divided into six new groups. We had to find our members by humming a song of the team. I got Team 5 😀 My team consisted of Ce Ika, Ce Herlina (she’s a doctor!), Ko Darwin, Ko Martin and I. Then we continued eating BBQ!! Yippie :9

The next day, we did our PP together, ate our breakfast, and finally game. Due to the theme, Unstoppable, we had to make a train. The first game is rally. The second is blind-deaf-dumb game. And the last-two are the water game!! Yes, they had a swimming pool there. 😀

After the game, we took a bath and packing to go home. We had lunch afterwards. Then we went hooome and here I am at my room being safe and sound. Thanks to Ce Amel for walking me home 😀


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