Topic #31 What tech can’t you live without?

30 Jan

I absolutely can’t live without electricity and lightbulb!!

I can’t imagine living in this world without them.

It’s gonna feels like being a caveman, right? With those campfire, candles, and so ever :p

Thanks to Michael Faraday and Thomas Alva Edison~ xoxo

Both of you are superheroes for humankind 😀

Thomas Alva Edison


Michael Faraday


And then let’s see what’s the useless technology?

I think it’s the nuclear bomb.

People use it to kill other people. I apparently don’t like it.

It also has long-term effects for the next generations.

Why don’t we use nuclear for other utilities?

Keep the world peace!! 😀


One Response to “Topic #31 What tech can’t you live without?”

  1. MK Mercurio February 2, 2011 at 9:16 am #

    I was amazed at the range of answers to this question. Each person is tied to something that never even existed at one time. I think each answer offers insight into the person and their attachment. As for me … I think I would have to give up my keyboard!

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