HBD andiii!!

11 Feb

Hey, say happy birthday to my buddy, @irviANDIii!!

Actually, his birthday was at February 7th, 2011.

You’re nineteen now. Hahahah. Sounds old, eh?

We literally celebrate his birthday in two parts. :p


So on D-day we went to Madura just to eat Bebek Sinjay.

It was delicious, but too salty for me :9

After that we go to Grand City, karaoke-ing @ Happup, then we headed to Galaxy Mall for some DVDs.

I don’t know why it felt like a very very long day.

We got up at around 6.30 a.m., went to Madura and everything else but it’s still 2 pm!!

Hey, where’s the tictoctictoc???


And yesterday was the next part.

Time to treat, yay! 😀

He decided to meet us at PTC *feels like we went to malls and malls*

Before we headed to PTC, bea, kevin and I went to S***s, hunting for his present.

We found a cool pair of shoes 😀 Kevin wanted it so bad, but it’s Andi’s now :p

Then we flashed to PTC, Andi and Ciliq had been waiting @ Fu Yuan.

Then we ordered and ordered and ordered. Then voila!!

The table was full of dimsum plates *besek*

So we ate like crazy huahaha especially before Ferry and the gank came :p *sorry*

Then Andi tried to count how many besek we ate, and it was like 60 or more *burp*

Nyahahaha sorry Fu Yuan, you’ll be no longer rich :p

So it’s all thanks to our host, ANDI!!




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