March 8, 2011

8 Mar

heeey, i haven’t post anything for a long time.

meh! blame the 2nd semester full-rush-hectic schedule!!

i can’t do anything properly right now

it’s just classes, tasks, practices, courses and whatsoever

it’s really tiring and i got fever, sorethroat  T.T

i even bruised my hand for making the adam’s clasp

still have many things to do

copy the seniors book, borrow the tools,etc

uuuugh i miss my 1st semester life

really gotta work hard and study everyday

welcome to the real uni life, the 2nd semester!!

really hope can pass this semester soon

oh i forgot one more thing, they will held the mid term test on Jumat Agung!

OMG o.o don’t they have any calendar???!!


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