a little talk

15 Aug

it’s been a while!!

i’m enjoying my long holidays rite now. ehehe

today i got my marks for the 2nd semester!! uuugh at first i was soooo nervous. what would it be? what if this? what if that? what if i got bad marks?

and then finally i made it hoahahaha

i got 3,33/4 for this semester..it’s a so so :p

sooo it’s in the middle of august already, and i’ve just looked on my 2011 wishlist with a bit shock in my heart..

i never knew that almost all of my wishlist have come true uyeaaaah xD *thanks GOD*

but the biggest one is yet to come.. i’m still waiting on my status for “Peneguhan HSM”

yes, the one i do want most!! kyaaa what should i do??

can’t wait for my korsel n korkel acceptance x_x can’t wait for THE GREAT REVIVAL!!

pleeease, i really hope i’m gonna make it..

pleassse wish me bunch of luck peeps!!

gotta keep you informed then.. *smooch*


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