after a long hiatus

29 Dec

Hellooo i’m finally back here writing this post.. it’s almost the end of 2011.. back then i was remembering my wishlist for 2011 and *gasp* O_O i got almost all of my wishlist omooooo!! Some of them were quite random though :p

Before i forget, i’m wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :p

it’s only 4 days late right? Don’t blame me!! It’s all because of this hectic univ exam schedule.. i even have my exam today and tomorrow!! Means i’m only free on Saturday and Sunday 😮 yeah as i said today i had microbiology practicing exam.. it was so so ._. and tomorrow we’re gonna have physiology practicing exam, some said it will be multiple choices and some said it’ll be essay, wonder who were right?

Yesterday i just got my Christmas gift 😀 so i use it to write this post.. can you see my baby? asus 1215p seashell :$ Yeaaaah with this i can post more often 😀 wait for it guys!!

my baby


And to mention it, tomorrow we have stovit 2010 gathering!! Fuck Yeah Standing Party!!  😀 the dresscode is vintage, and i still haven’t found anything to wear :s am i gonna make it to be there? Guess not.. sorry pals :p

Okay, gotta study harder since now i have much more exam waiting.. keep the head held high!!

God bless!! 😀


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