last day of the year

31 Dec

Hey it’s the last day of the year already. Today i woke up with a nice feeling knowing that a new year is ready to come..

Yesterday my friends and i went to pasar atom after we did our physiology practicing exam. I was quite sure with my exam, 40/60 maybe? Five of us –me,ratna,obi,vincent,reyz- went there and bought many things, such as cakue udang, ote2, martabak, pofferchest. Vincent and reyz bought cloth for our christmas party, and obi picked up his remaked jeans :p Oh we also bought our exchange gift for the next Oha prayer meeting hahaha 😀 it was so much fun.. after that i continued with my family to TP.. me bought a cute fluffy green bag for my lapie and some clothes :3 teehee!!

Aaand today is quite busy.. i’m downloaded my exams’ materials, studying all day long, took some meals while watching hunter x hunter, then studying again. It’s 3pm right now and i’m gonna prepare to go to church 😀 see ya then.. :*

A new beginning is waiting ahead!! Goodbye 2011, thanks for everything in this year 😀


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