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March 8, 2011

8 Mar

heeey, i haven’t post anything for a long time.

meh! blame the 2nd semester full-rush-hectic schedule!!

i can’t do anything properly right now

it’s just classes, tasks, practices, courses and whatsoever

it’s really tiring and i got fever, sorethroat  T.T

i even bruised my hand for making the adam’s clasp

still have many things to do

copy the seniors book, borrow the tools,etc

uuuugh i miss my 1st semester life

really gotta work hard and study everyday

welcome to the real uni life, the 2nd semester!!

really hope can pass this semester soon

oh i forgot one more thing, they will held the mid term test on Jumat Agung!

OMG o.o don’t they have any calendar???!!


February 28, 2011

28 Feb


today was the first day of my 2nd semester. huwaaaah. I started this day with prayer to God, then took a bath, then off to univ 😀

the first lesson was skill lab: orthodontic wire. we had to make “cengkeram Adam”. it’s one of the technique in orthodontic.

it apparently wasn’t easy at all. at first drg. Sianiwati explained to us how to make it. then we watched the video about it. finally, she said “selamat bekerja”. o.o fortunately, she’s the tutor of my team. we tried to bend the wire using Adam plier. bending the wire for thousand times made my thumbs hurt T.T they’re swollen now. but, drg. Siani was so kind, she helped us a lot. 😀

after that, we should have histology practice. but we skipped the class. yippie lucky me. so we headed to medcafe and ate some lunch.

and the last part of the day is histology class. the lecturer was at full speed just like shinkansen :p she explained anything without took a breath at all, you know! and when she changed the slide, we’re just like *phewww* altogether. what a tiring lesson 😮 and I just realized that I really do need my seniors handouts. can’t survive this life without them. I’m gonna pick them up @ my senior house tomorrow 🙂 he’s very kind, huh?

overall, today was guhreat!! hope this semester will be nice to me 😀

oh yes, I almost forget, it’s the end of February. let’s say goodbye February and welcoming the March!

keep reading peeps! feel free to drop your comment.

February 26, 2011

27 Feb

Happy birthday my childhood mate, Sugito!!

So today is Saturday, as usual I went to Robin’s home to do sel.

But today was different, cause we have a duty to do syafaat @ Om Han’s.

since it’s my first time, I felt a bit nervous.

the ac was so cold, I wanna die.

but overall it did well. chareosso!! 😀

after that, we went to McD mayjend and dig in.

ce yulia and I, ordered panas special IDR 23k.

then we back home 😀

after that I watched Shaolin with bro.

I got some terangbulan too :9 yummy!!