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Nobuta wo Produce

21 Feb

A dorama again!!

Whoa this holiday was really wating my time :p

So this one is “Nobuta wo Produce”. It consists of 10 episodes which was made on 2005.

Let’s read the story!!

Shuji Kiritani (Kazuya Kamenashi) sees school as a game. A game, in which it is most crucial to survive. That is way he is putting on a mask when going to school. He is the coolest guy at school, gets along with everyone and has the most beautiful girl as his girlfriend, Uehara Mariko (Erika Toda). However, when it comes to it, he actually doesn’t have one true single friend among his buddies. He even doesn’t really love his girlfriend, but only goes out on dates with her to keep up appearances.

Nonetheless, there is only one guy Shuji can’t stand: Akira Kusano (Tomohisa Yamashita). Kusano is an annoying and odd guy, who often follows Shuji wherever he goes and seems to have some special interest in him. Maybe he is the only one who realizes that Shuji has never shown anyone his true character?

One day, a new student Nobuko Kotani (Maki Horikita) enters class. She is quiet, talks strange, moves strange and always radiates an aura of darkness. She is predestinated to be bullied by her classmates and that’s also what happening, sometimes in a really harsh way. Still, Kotani seems to be used to it already.

However, Shuji starts to develop some interest in her, because he always wanted to do something extraordinary before leaving school. Along with Akira he decides to “produce” the newly named Nobuta, in order for her to become the most popular girl at school. That task is not easily accomplished, even the more as Nobuko/Nobuta doesn’t seem to be willing to lie to herself and play a different character than the one she really is.

Shuji constantly meets with the two in secret, but soon he realizes that he doesn’t only learn to be more honest thanks to the two, but that there are also important lessons of life he is now able to understand because of them. What seemed impossible at the beginning becomes reality – the three become friends.


Bloody monday ~dorama

19 Feb

I’ve finished watching this film recently.

Waaa, Haruma Miura again here *drool*

Title: Bloody Monday (ブラッディ・マンデイ / Buraddi Mandei)
Genre: Action, suspense

Episodes: 11
Theme song: Over the rain ~ひかりの橋~ by flumpool

Cast :
Miura Haruma as Takagi Fujimaru (a.k.a. Falcon)
Sato Takeru as Kujo Otoya
Yoshizawa Hisashi as Kirishima Goro
Matsushige Yutaka as Kano Ikuma
Kichise Michiko as Orihara Maya

This drama was based on an original manga by Ryumon Ryo. It was full of computers and hacking. Pretty!!

Takagi Fujimaru is just a normal high school student in Kamishiro Private High School. He often come to school late, love girls’ pants and ero games (chotto pervert desu) and belong to newspaper club in his school.

He has close friend named Kujo Otoya – who not only smart, composed and gorgeous, but he also the newspaper kaichou (chief) and the member of archery club in his school. Asada Aoi is also Fujimaru’s close friend and seems that she has crush on him *blush*. She is member of karate club in her school and considered the youngest female karate champion o.o . Fujimaru often get Aoi’s kick when he went overboard like flirting or peeping to girls’ pants.

Oh, yeah, what’s special about Takagi Fujimaru is that he is a legendary hacker that has alias Falcon. Falcon is able to penetrate the security system of public security in Japan named Third-I. What makes this incident worse is that his father, Takagi Ryounosuke, is one of the elite members of Third-I. After that incident, Fujimaru is considered a potential weapon and is under Third-I surveillance. Fujimaru goes to his school normally, and mingles with his pals normally, just like other student. Everything goes smoothly until a new bijin (beautiful) and sexy biology teacher come to their class replacing the previous teacher. This teacher is yappari Fujimaru’s type or so I say that she is what guys are dreaming about (Dynamite Body!!). Mwahahaha…. Orihara Maya, the teacher name, is one of the main villains in this story (Oops!). She appeared to be the first one who tests the virus in Vladivostok, Rusia. And what is the story about?

A group of terrorists is trying to make its ideal world with its manner (Oh, I suddenly remember “Death Note – L change the world”). This group is controlled by leader named “J”. The real name is still in mystery. Two years ago, Fujimaru or should we say Falcon destroyed this terrorist plan. The main leader was arrested and the organization collapsed. But the seed of hatred, angst and revenge still remain there – dimly and silently. Fujimaru, knowing nothing about terrorists and their plan is swept away to this turbulence scenario. The terrorists plan to destroy Tokyo, Japan and the world using their ultimate weapon, Bloody-X virus. Fujimaru has to rescue his love ones using his hacking ability. The spies and traitors are everywhere. None can be trusted or so that it seems. Innocent children, including Takagi Fujimaru, Kujo Otoya, Asada Aoi, Anzai Mako, and Tachikawa Hide, are involved in this brain and strategy-war.


Huwaaaa, can’t wait for the 2nd season. Fujimaru was totally awesome. I love when he hacked. Hahahaha.

He looks so smart and innocent back then. ❤

Koizora, Sky of Love <3

15 Jan

Huwaaaaa ini film bagus bangeeeeet!!!

I finished watching this film about 2 days ago. Buagussss banget ceritae. Sedih gitu. Kasian Hiro T.T

So, here is the synopsis:

The main character, Tahara Mika (Aragaki Yui), is living her happy teen life with her friends when fate has her begin a relationship with Sakurai Hiro (Haruma Miura). He may have the bad boys look but he’s really gentle towards her. Their happiness irritates Hiro’s ex-girlfriend, Saki (Asami Usuda), so much that she hires a bunch of up-to-no-good guys to kidnap and rape Mika.

Hiro brings his ex to Mika for punishment but Mika saves her from getting beaten to death. With Hiro’s kindness and patience, her wound is healed and she becomes able to accept his touch again. Soon after, Mika becomes pregnant with Hiro’s child. They are both overjoyed and decide to keep the baby.

Fortunately, the parents don’t oppose much. The couple’s hopes are smashed down as a miscarriage occurs, thanks to the Saki. Devastated but still holding on to each other, they agree to visit the memento of their child every year on the 24th of December. The happy ever after is ruined with Hiro’s sudden change of heart. From avoiding Mika to bluntly saying he wants to play with other girls, Hiro turns into to perfect jerk, causing Mika to suffer a lot as she still loves him and refuses to accept the breakup. He eventually throws her away and disappears from her life.

Since life goes on anyway, Mika keeps studying and meets a nice and warm guy which promises to always stay by her side. Yu doesn’t ask her to return his feelings but to be his friend. Thanks to his sweet nature, he helps Mika find her smile again and even keep her family together. The ritual of visiting the baby’s grave is still being observed by both Mika and Hiro and this leads to them meeting. But the brief encounter turns sour as Hiro walks away without replying to his ex’ questions; “what were the reasons for this breakup, Hiro?” Mika starts following him but realizes how ungrateful it would be toward Yu who she is now with. The next Christmas eve sees Mika and her current lover coming to put flowers on the memorial stone. Respectful of her feelings, Yu lets her go alone. When she reaches the place, it’s not Hiro but one of his friends that is here to pay his respects. The truth is then unveiled: Hiro is dying from cancer. He’s known for years and had forbidden anyone to tell her about his situation. Stunned at first, she runs to the hospital where he is. Yu accepts to sacrifice himself for her happiness.

She then gets back to Hiro’s side. Although he can’t move around much, they have lots of fun together and she devotes herself to taking care of him, praying that a miracle would happen. But Hiro passes away, leaving beautiful and tearful memories to his beloved, becoming the sky that watches over her T.T

Buuut, there are some things that made me confuse:

1. Kok isa Mika tiba-tiba diperkosa trus pulang gitu ae dan Hiro bohong ke ortu e bilang jatoh dari sepeda? Aneh ngga seh? Trus ujung2 e isa tes kehamilan di dokter? Ortu e tau dari mana?

2. Kenapa si Hiro mau2nya ninggalin Mika gitu aja? That sounds impossible for a real guy in this world to do that, doesn’t it? :3

However, Koizora was a uber gooood!! Four thumbs up!! It’s a must watched movie 😀

And one thing that made me love this movie more is: I found one of my favorite songs in this film, Heavenly Days by Aragaki Yui. Ooooow I adore her so much much much more 😀



credit: Ampedasia