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after a long hiatus

29 Dec

Hellooo i’m finally back here writing this post.. it’s almost the end of 2011.. back then i was remembering my wishlist for 2011 and *gasp* O_O i got almost all of my wishlist omooooo!! Some of them were quite random though :p

Before i forget, i’m wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :p

it’s only 4 days late right? Don’t blame me!! It’s all because of this hectic univ exam schedule.. i even have my exam today and tomorrow!! Means i’m only free on Saturday and Sunday 😮 yeah as i said today i had microbiology practicing exam.. it was so so ._. and tomorrow we’re gonna have physiology practicing exam, some said it will be multiple choices and some said it’ll be essay, wonder who were right?

Yesterday i just got my Christmas gift 😀 so i use it to write this post.. can you see my baby? asus 1215p seashell :$ Yeaaaah with this i can post more often 😀 wait for it guys!!

my baby


And to mention it, tomorrow we have stovit 2010 gathering!! Fuck Yeah Standing Party!!  😀 the dresscode is vintage, and i still haven’t found anything to wear :s am i gonna make it to be there? Guess not.. sorry pals :p

Okay, gotta study harder since now i have much more exam waiting.. keep the head held high!!

God bless!! 😀


moving on

19 Mar

pfiuuuh these days have been very tiring..

since we’re moving our home I got so much things to do

packing thingy, unpacking, taking, putting and so on

I unloaded my cupboard and closet and you know what?

I found thousand of important and memorable things


it’s very nostalgic back then

gonna post it later peeps!!

keep reading 😀

HBD ko harris!!

21 Feb

Happy birthday ko Harris!!

Actually his birthday was on 11th February ago.

But we just celebrated it this Saturday.


At first we went to sel @ Ko Anton’s home as usual, but this time was different.

Since ko Ludi asked to go out after sel last week, many people came and it was almost complete except Robin *whoaaa*

But we just knew that ko Ludi is coming home to accompany his mom.

Then we decided to go just by ourselves.

The funny thing was we headed to TP with 9 persons in a car.

I couldn’t imagine when the car was on the uphill parklot. o.o

All of us were crazy back then.

Ko Harris treated us @ Penang Village, it was Malaysian food *burp*

Then we left TP after the lights already off.

So we had to do some marathon on the stairs.


But the day hasn’t over!!

We still continued to NAV. :p

We sang for about two hours and then we go home.

They were crazy dudes!! But I love you all :*

I love being the youngest among them all ^^

Thanks to Ko Harris 😀

Wish u all d best.. GBU

“Unstoppable” Fellowship :D

23 Jan

Hey peeps!! I’m back after had been away for two days 😀 and passed my postaday :p

Yesterday, HSM B and C held a two-days-and-one-night fellowship at Duta Kasih, Trawas. I went there with Ko Aan, Ko Darwin, Ce There and Ko Martin. The travel took for about 3,5 hours!! There’re traffic jam at Porong, so we decided to choose the Mojosari path. The road was fogging that we couldn’t see anything around us. But we arrived at Duta Kasih faster.

After that, we went into our room. Each room can accomodate 15 persons. It was unique 😀 Then we started our fellowship with a Eucharist Mass. Not long after, we had dinner, then opening session by Ce Anita. The theme of this Fellowship is “Unstoppable”. It means as Jesus’ army, we must be unstoppable by whatever obstacle ahead. Before the session, we had to introduce each of our sel by making slogans and so ever. LOL. Everyone was so damn funny!!

Afterwards, we were divided into six new groups. We had to find our members by humming a song of the team. I got Team 5 😀 My team consisted of Ce Ika, Ce Herlina (she’s a doctor!), Ko Darwin, Ko Martin and I. Then we continued eating BBQ!! Yippie :9

The next day, we did our PP together, ate our breakfast, and finally game. Due to the theme, Unstoppable, we had to make a train. The first game is rally. The second is blind-deaf-dumb game. And the last-two are the water game!! Yes, they had a swimming pool there. 😀

After the game, we took a bath and packing to go home. We had lunch afterwards. Then we went hooome and here I am at my room being safe and sound. Thanks to Ce Amel for walking me home 😀