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HBD ko harris!!

21 Feb

Happy birthday ko Harris!!

Actually his birthday was on 11th February ago.

But we just celebrated it this Saturday.


At first we went to sel @ Ko Anton’s home as usual, but this time was different.

Since ko Ludi asked to go out after sel last week, many people came and it was almost complete except Robin *whoaaa*

But we just knew that ko Ludi is coming home to accompany his mom.

Then we decided to go just by ourselves.

The funny thing was we headed to TP with 9 persons in a car.

I couldn’t imagine when the car was on the uphill parklot. o.o

All of us were crazy back then.

Ko Harris treated us @ Penang Village, it was Malaysian food *burp*

Then we left TP after the lights already off.

So we had to do some marathon on the stairs.


But the day hasn’t over!!

We still continued to NAV. :p

We sang for about two hours and then we go home.

They were crazy dudes!! But I love you all :*

I love being the youngest among them all ^^

Thanks to Ko Harris πŸ˜€

Wish u all d best.. GBU