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…ing *Spoiler Alert*

15 Jan

I’ve finished watched some of  korean n japan doramas recently, while I was studying for final exams :p One of them is this movie. Yes, the title is …ing.

...ing (2003)

The story was about a high-schooler girl, Kang Mi-na (Lim Su-jeong) who has just been transferred from another school. She was quiet and kept to herself as she had a deformed hand and had spent most of her life in the hospital battling a life-threatening disease. Therefore, she always use mitten anywhere she go. She lived with her mother Mi-sook (Lee Mi-suk), who was widowed. Mother and daughter shared a close and intimate relationship, and Mi-sook wished for Min-ah to experience all aspects of life, including first love. One day, there’s a guy named Lee Yeong-jae (Kim Rae-won) who lived downstair from her apartment. They met each other and became a couple. Yong-jae was very kind to her and it made her really happy since he’s the first boyfriend in her life. Min-ah befriends Young-jae, the new neighbour downstairs, and starts to experience her first love. However, everything is short-lived as Min-ah finds out that she is dying.

At first I didn’t really like this movie, because Mina wasn’t a really good girl eventhough she’s cute. She did smoke and met Yeong-jae because he wanted to borrow the lighter. Ooow what kind of girl is that? But I ended up loving both of them. I love how Yeong-jae gave the turtles as the hostages, very cute!! And in the end I felt really sad for Yeong-jae. T.T I was really shocked when he gave back the money from Mi-suk. Overall this film was quite good. The story was touching enough to make me cry :’)