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Do Memories Last Forever?

11 Jan

If I tried to bring back some childhood memories, I could find lotta love there. Great families, great friends, great bros n sis, and everything else. Trus ngga terasa tiba2 waktu uda jalan gitu aja n kadang lupa ama smua itu. *sorry* Rasanya sayang banget kalo sampe lupa kenangan2 itu. I really wanna have photographic memory, so I could record all of them in my mind.

Habisnyaaaa akhir2 ini sering ngerasa sibuk banget sampe ngga bisa nyempetin waktu ama my old besties. Ngga ikutan jj ama MD (ace,nia). Ngga ikutan jj A6 *ngga tau tepate :p*. Diajak jj temen SD ngga bisa, etc.. Besok aja masih ada UAS agama T.T

Dulu waktu masih SMA ngebayangin gimana kalo kuliah? Gimana kalo kepisah2? Gimana kalo ngga deket? And now, we’re exactly like that. Cuman bisa chatting2an, twitter2an tapi ngga bisa ketemuan 😦 .

I really do miss u guys, especially MD!! Every moments we shared :*

Eventhough I have a lot of new friends, and I really love them very much much much, I still remembered how our friendship is. We had fun together, hung out together, gone mad, and everything. xD

Soooo can’t wait for this long holiday!! When Didh come back here, and all of us will have fun again!! 😀

~do memories last forever? I really do hope so~