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Nobuta wo Produce

21 Feb

A dorama again!!

Whoa this holiday was really wating my time :p

So this one is “Nobuta wo Produce”. It consists of 10 episodes which was made on 2005.

Let’s read the story!!

Shuji Kiritani (Kazuya Kamenashi) sees school as a game. A game, in which it is most crucial to survive. That is way he is putting on a mask when going to school. He is the coolest guy at school, gets along with everyone and has the most beautiful girl as his girlfriend, Uehara Mariko (Erika Toda). However, when it comes to it, he actually doesn’t have one true single friend among his buddies. He even doesn’t really love his girlfriend, but only goes out on dates with her to keep up appearances.

Nonetheless, there is only one guy Shuji can’t stand: Akira Kusano (Tomohisa Yamashita). Kusano is an annoying and odd guy, who often follows Shuji wherever he goes and seems to have some special interest in him. Maybe he is the only one who realizes that Shuji has never shown anyone his true character?

One day, a new student Nobuko Kotani (Maki Horikita) enters class. She is quiet, talks strange, moves strange and always radiates an aura of darkness. She is predestinated to be bullied by her classmates and that’s also what happening, sometimes in a really harsh way. Still, Kotani seems to be used to it already.

However, Shuji starts to develop some interest in her, because he always wanted to do something extraordinary before leaving school. Along with Akira he decides to “produce” the newly named Nobuta, in order for her to become the most popular girl at school. That task is not easily accomplished, even the more as Nobuko/Nobuta doesn’t seem to be willing to lie to herself and play a different character than the one she really is.

Shuji constantly meets with the two in secret, but soon he realizes that he doesn’t only learn to be more honest thanks to the two, but that there are also important lessons of life he is now able to understand because of them. What seemed impossible at the beginning becomes reality – the three become friends.