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January 30, 2011

30 Jan

Today was the worst day in my life!!

I hate them!! I won’t admit them as my cousins anymore!!

You said you love my grandma, but what did you do??

You spat in front of her gravestone. All of your conspiration are suck!!

You aren’t human!! You’re lower than any kind of species!!

All of you are miserable. You use your fake tears!!


I wish I could skip this day 😥

They couldn’t make scars on my face eventhough they’re dying for it.

But I know for sure, my heart’s scarred!!

I feel terribly sad these days, and they’re just such hypocrite!!

Wearing masks all over they’re faces, you’re insane!!


God, please help me to forgive them. I need Your love God.

I know my attitude wasn’t right. But I just can’t stand still seeing them.

Please heal the pain in my heart, draw me close to You Lord 😥


I don’t know why this must happen. I’m sad, angry, sorry at the same time. 😥

And the sky’s crying with me…………


A Big Loss :'(

26 Jan

Dear Grandma,

I knew you since I was kid. I had countless memories with you.

I always thought that you’ll live longer and could see your descendants.

But God has another plan, and I know each of His plans is perfect for us.

This morning I had a dream. In that dream, I felt like a bird. Then I saw a mother and two children, son and daughter.

It looked like they’re gonna fall down, but they only have two pairs of wings. Finally, the mother gave the wings to their children and she fell off.

Then I woke up hearing my mom’s said that you’ve passed away. I was so shock that I can’t say a word.

Maybe that’s a sign? Or just another ordinary-but-I-think-it’s-so-weird dream?

I don’t know anything, I’m so confused.

I have to feel this feeling, pass my course, pass my fellowship trip. T.T

I got bunch of texts from my friends and I feel like nothing 😐

“My words were cold and flat, and you deserve more than that” (Michael Buble)

I just don’t know how should I feel 😐

Goodbye Grandma, I know we’ll meet again someday..


Your grandchild,



Someday – John Legend

As days go by and fade to nights
I still question why you left
I wonder how it didn’t work out
but now you’re gone and memories all I have for now

But no it’s not over
we’ll get older we’ll get over
we’ll live to see the day that I hope for
come back to me

I still believe that we’ll get it right again
we’ll come back to life again
we won’t say another goodbye again
you’ll live forever with me

someday, someday
we’ll be together
someday, someday
we’ll be together

I heard someday might be today
mysteries of destinies they are somehow

and are someway

For all we know they come tomorrow
for today my eyes are open
my arms are raised for your embrace
my hands are here to mend what is broken

To feel again to walk on the face
I believe there is more to life
oh I love you much more than life
and still I believe I can change your mind
revive what is dying inside

And someday, someday
we’ll be together
someday, someday
we’ll be together
someday, someday
we’ll be together
we’ll be together
we’ll be together


Sick :'(

18 Jan

I’m sick! My tummy hurt 😥

I don’t know why but it feels like I’m gonna die 😥

I know it isn’t a right thing to say something like that.

But what more can I do? I’ve drunk my pills but it didn’t work out.

God please help me through this pain.

I still have so much thing to do, I can’t be still here in my room and sleep and sleep and sleep 😦

I missed my choir exercise, I missed my course time.

One thing I know for sure, I need to get well soon. Amen.