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dream high

4 Mar

I had been watching this series for 3 days, and loved it!! It was awesome hahaha really really love the songs in this film >w< as you can see Dream High is kind of musical series. It’s about the students in Kirin high school who have many dreams. The main role is Go Hyemi (Miss A Suzy), a talented girl who studied classical music. At first she hated Kirin Art high school, thought that only moron will attend that kind of school. Unfortunately, her father’s bussiness collapsed and she had to attend that school to pay her family debt. And then Hyun Shihyuk, nicknamed Jinguk (2PM Taecyeon), a son of minister before marriage. He’s Hyemi childhood friends. There’s also Song Samdong (Kim Soo Hyun) an innocent country boy who never leave his hometown decided to go to Seoul chasing his love-in-the-first-sight à Hyemi!!

Yeah there’re what so called triangle love, or maybe square love? As we count Yoon Baekhee (T-Ara Eunjung), the Hyemi-ppa (slave?). Hyemi’s best friend until the principal (Bae Yongjoon!! omoooo) chose her instead of the talented Hyemi to pass the audition. Later she became Hyemi’s rival.

Not forget to mention the milky couple!! Pilsuk (IU) and Jason (2PM Wooyoung) are match made in heaven. I love how Pilsuk worked very hard and how Jason treat her very well eventhough she was ugly and fat ❤ Milky couple hwaiting!!

So that’s upon the main role. There’re many cameo in this film, which made me can’t stop gasping. When in 1 eps i was *omo* and then *hey, think i knew this guy* and so ever hahahha.. if you wanna know, here are the cast:

Main Cast

  • Suzy as Go Hye Mi
  • Kim Soo Hyun as Song Sam Dong
  • Taecyeon as Jin Gook / Hyun Shi Hyuk
  • Ham Eun Jung as Yoon Baek Hee
  • Wooyoung as Jason
  • IU as Kim Pil Sook

Extended cast

  • Ahn Kil Kang as Ma Doo Shik
  • Ahn Sun Young as Kang Oh Sun (Oh Hyuk’s older sister)
  • Ahn Seo Hyun as Go Hye Sung (Hye Mi’s little sister)
    • Park Eun Bin as 16 year old Hye Sung (ep 16)
  • Lee Hye Sook as Song Nam Boon (Sam Dong’s mother)
  • Choi Il Hwa as Hyun Moo Jin (Jin Gook’s father)
  • Park Hyuk Kwon as Go Byung Jik (Hye Mi’s father)
  • Park Hwi Soon as Jin Gook’s roommate (ep 1,2,5)


  • Jo Soo Mi (조수미) as herself (ep 1)
  • Kim Hyun Joong as himself (ep 1)
  • Nichkhun as Ri Ah’s CF partner (ep 8)
  • Hwang Chan Sung as Oh Sun’s imaginary boy (ep 12)
  • Lee Teuk as himself (ep 13)
  • Eun Hyuk as himself (ep 13)
  • Miss A as flash mob dancers (ep 16)
  • 2AM as flash mob dancers (ep 16)
  • Dal Shabet as Baek Hee’s Kirin students (ep 16)
  • Goo Joon Yup

Kirin’s Teachers

  • Uhm Ki Joon as Kang Oh Hyuk
  • Lee Yoon Ji as Shi Kyung Jin
  • Park Jin Young as Yang Jin Man (English teacher)
  • Lee Byung Joon as Shi Bum Soo (Principal)
  • Lee Yoon Mi as Maeng Seung Hee
  • Baek Won Kil (백원길) as Gong Min Chul
  • Bae Yong Joon as Jung Ha Myung (President) (ep 1-4)
  • Joo Young Hoon (주영훈) as composing teacher (ep 11)

Kirin’s Students

  • Jun Ah Min as Jo In Sung (Jin Gook’s friend)
  • Jung Min Joo as Jung Ah Jung
  • Han Ji Hoo as Park Do Joon (sunbae)
  • Yoon Young Ah as Lee Ri Ah
  • Park Jin Sang (박진상) as Jun Tae San (sunbae)
  • Kim Bo Reum as Ha So Hyun (sunbae)
  • Bae Noo Ri

Think i’m gonna post the ost next time!! Gidarigeyo!! Wait for it 😀

FYI they even have the season 2 right now :3