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11 Jan

Yayyy today is the eleventh day of this year. Jadi kalo dipikir2 oline udah ngapain aja 11 hari ini?

#1 Taun baruan di rumah, texting my buddies, some replied and the other don’t :3

#2 Went to Church, studied for modul 2 test

#3 Studied, reading, eating, sleeping. It’s freeday

#4 Modul test. So far it went well. The questions were similar to last year test πŸ˜€ Thanks God! Then Pui, Ratna, n I studied at Ratna’sΒ kos

#5 Holiday+study

#6 Holiday+study

#7 First DG for this year with my lovely friends, Ko Ludi n Ce Monic πŸ˜€ Thanx for picking me up. Met Vanda, pretty as always πŸ™‚

#8 First sel!! Then we went to FoodFest celebrating Ce Helen’s birthday πŸ˜€

agak burek pake BB

agak burek pake BB

ce helen, oline, ce yulia πŸ˜€

#9 First PDB @WTC again, met Ce Evelyn Hanssen. She’s my senior in high school πŸ˜€ I signed up for HSM kids :p

#10 UAS IM..the question was torturing!! πŸ˜₯

#11 UAS IKGM. I think it was much better than IM, but still no easy 😐

Soooo, that’s all my eleven days in this year. Still haven’t found a new thing for this year. Maybe because I spend my days with ordinary routines. The party has just began peeps!! πŸ˜€